About Me

I was going to call this page “About Us” but of course, in reality, it is about me and there’s no point in putting up a huge shopfront when I’m a one man (oops, woman) show!

My name is Jackie de Bruin and I have been teaching computers for several years in and around Sligo.  You may have been at one of my courses at the Northside, Tubbercurry FRC or Catalysts, to name but a few. Oh, before you think I’m unqualified, let me just say that I have a sense of humour but am quite well educated – I have a coupla diplomas and a degree and all that stuff – in short, a lot of money has been spent on my studies over the years, lol.

I teach computer courses from my premises but also travel around the various centres in Sligo. I believe in keeping it very casual but informative. I think most course attendants would agree that we have great fun without skimping on the quality or course content. My aim is to get the message across to you, no matter what it takes. Classes are fun and informative and you’ll learn without feeling any pressure.

I offer custom courses such as Computers for Beginners, Digital Photography, Web Design and Social Media, Scrapbooking, and so on. I have taught ECDL in the past but tend to focus on my own courses now. I will also make up courses according to your needs, for instance, if you are a business that needs specific computer training, I will work with that.

Most of the time, I teach groups of people but I also offer private lessons. The benefit of a private lesson is, of course, that you can bombard me with all the things that you need to learn and not follow the herd. I find that students pick up the information far quicker on a one to one basis. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you’d like private tuition.

Oh yes, I also design websites and have been fairly active in that area – have a look at my other site Sligo Websites, and you can read all about it. Let me know if you need a website and I’ll give you a very competitive quote.

Well, I think that’s what I need to tell you – I also have a parrot, 3 cats and a very loving family, but we’ll leave it at that, shall we?