Computer Courses

I like to offer courses that are interesting and not just run of the mill. Here’s a rundown of some of the computer courses that I’m offering at the moment. Classes are limited to 5 per class to ensure that you receive quality attention:

Computers For Beginners:

If you’re either totally new to computers or very unsure of yourself around a computer, then this is the course for you. I start off with the very basics, then show you how to type up simple documents using Microsoft Word. Of course, we spend a fair amount of time on the Internet  or, rather, learning how to use it and you’ll also set up you own email account.

Course Duration: 4 sessions of 3 hours each.
Course Cost: €99- per person (I’ll even give you coffee and tea for free, hahahaha)

Digital Photography Course:

This is one of my personal favourites. I show you how to get your photos from your camera to your computer and then the fun begins. We use Picasa photo editing software because it is very easy to use and it is also free (thanks. Google). You’ll learn how to edit your pics and make them look better then ever and also what to do with your photos once you’re done editing – how to email them, print them or order prints online. This course is suitable for those who have a basic knowledge of computers – a lot of folks progress from the beginner’s course to this one.

Course Duration:  2 sessions of 3 hours each
Course Cost: €49- per person

Creative Computing Course:

I’ve never quite found the right name for this course but it involves learning all the fun, creative things such as making cards, calendars, fridge magnets and the likes on the computer. I use a program called Scrapbooking for this and you will go home home armed with the ability to make lovely creative individualised cards for all your friends and family. This course is an ideal follow on to the Digital Photography course.

Course Duration: 3 sessions of 3 hours each
Course Cost: €75- per person

Computer Club:

This is a sparkling new idea of mine and I’m starting a Computer Club one morning per week. It is going to be a casual session where you, as a club, will decide what you’d like to cover every week and I wiil teach you accordingly. As it is a club, it will also have a sociable element and we’ll have a chat and a cup of coffee too (I’ll even try my hand at making scones). There is no prerequisite for this course, just come along and enjoy yourself.

Course Duration: 2 hour sessions, once a week, during school terms.
Club Cost: €10- per person per session

Web Design Course:

This one I can teach with my eyes closed (well, almost).  On this course, you have the benefit of my skills as a web designer. The web design course is ideal for anybody who would like to start or maintain their own website or even if you would like to start providing this service for a living. I use WordPress and will show you how to manipulate it so that you have a smashing website that is easy to maintain. I will walk you through it, step-by-step, right from selecting a domain name and hosting, to deciding on the look for the site and what content you should put on it. We’ll also look at various plugins that are dead handy to use. You need to be quite computer literate to attend this course and be very familiar with the Internet, emailing etc. Hey, all you small businesses out there, you’d be crazy not to attend this course – your own professional website for only €85-, it’s a no brainer.

Course Duration: 4 sessions of 3 hours each
Course Cost: €99-

Private Lessons:

If you’d like a private lesson, just give me a call and we’ll discuss what you’d like to learn. Some people do not enjoy group learning and others have specific issues that they need help with. You could even bring a friend along if the pair of you need to learn the same things and get double the value for your money.

Course duration: 1 hour
Course Cost: €40 per hour.