Welcome to our new look website!

I hope you like the new look and heaps of fresh info on the site. You know the saying about the shoemakers kids never have shoes? Well, it’s similar for me. I’m always busy with everyone else’s sites and, in the process, my own site was looking like a dog’s breakfast…. Well, I received a phone call yesterday where one of my clients had to tell me that I had not put my new phone number on the site – unforgivable – so it’s time to take action! Please have a look at our superb courses – we’ll be attacking them with a bang come September but do get your name down now as they will be popular and I limit my courses to 6/7 to keep the quality high. Oh, and by the way, I have the new contact details on the site now (thanks Imelda!)

Please visit often as I’ll be adding interesting info and things to this site often (yes, I’m turning over a new leaf).